Fashion Poetry in Motion w/Photographer Michael Mulligan!

Updated: Aug 11

Who says fashion photography has to be boring? Well, photographer Michael Mulligan of Summerville SC, says not fashion does not have to be boring. His speciality is weddings but he can pretty much capture anything you can imagine or create a concept to bring to life through photography. His photos below show a variety of different ideas that were created, executed and resulted in a great photo finish. in his work, you can also see the many different poses by the models, their facial features, and the character they play when being photographed. Taking a picture is like painting a Picasso, you want to get it as close to perfection as possible. Michael has quite the resume and he has the photo's to back it up. He is super easy to work with, and is a perfectionist who will shoot until he's captured that one shot that will seal the deal.

Michael and I are both retired United States Air Force Veterans and both share a common interest which is our love for fashion and photography. I first met Michael at a fashion show that I was invited to participate in and he was the photographer, who's professionalism and presentation captured my eye. After the show we exchanged information and later contacted one another to work together on some projects which I was very excited about because this would have been my very first time working in a studio setting. Taking a look back on some of the collaborations that we've done, I must say that they've been pretty creative, quite unique, and lots of fun. We've worked with some of the best makeup artist, models, promoters, stylist, and designers in Charleston SC and surrounding areas.

We've also had the opportunity to work with International Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist, The Legend, Junior "One Blood" Reid who was also the lead vocalist for Black Uhuru, one of the most successful groups to hail from Jamaica.

I could talk about Michael Mulligan and his photography all day but i'll let his work speak for itself. Attached you will find contact information for Michael if you're in need of a great photographer who is a professional and doesn't mind going out of the box.

Photographer: Michael Mulligan


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