Let's Talk Fashion Photography in Charleston, South Carolina

Updated: Aug 7

When I first arrived on the fashion scene in Charleston SC, I thought taking a good picture was using my camera phone but I learned real quick as a fashion designer that it took much more. In order to market your brand to the world, you have to sell your brand which means you have to catch the eye of the audience. In order to catch the eye of the audience, you need professional, crisp and clear photos that represent your brand at the highest level possible. Taking pictures is an art and it takes a good eye, steady hand, attention to detail and a great photographer to make a great photo. Jason Cordes was one of the first photographers I had the pleasure of working with at my very first fashion show in Charleston. He is most professional, and quite knowledgeable about his craft, and that makes a customer feel confident that they'll receive a good end result. Jason has been in the industry for about 8 plus years and works with a star studded team from designers, models, makeup artist, and stylist in bringing your vision to life. As they say "It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork. While the photographer is focusing on the photo and lighting, the rest of the team is making sure that there is no hair out of place, the lipstick is the right color, the dress is fitted with no loose stings, and so many more factors go into a great photo for the final outcome.

About the photoshoot above, the vision was to tell the story of a fashionable young lady enjoying her afternoon, poolside at a swanky downtown Charleston SC, hotel. In these photos, Jason was able to capture everything from the hinges on the door in the background of the photo, every angle and pose that the model presented him as well as having the proper lighting and positioning the model in a great spot with a nice and clean background. Although he may not have been focusing on the makeup or jewelry, you can see details of design in the bracelets and rings as well as the pop of color on the eye lids. While I am not a photographer, I was able to see what the vision behind this photoshoot was. There are lots of amazing photographers in Charleston SC but as I stated earlier, Jason Cordes was one of the first professional photographers, that I worked with and was extremely pleased with his work. Attached you can find contact information for Jason in the event that you are in the Charleston Area or out of town, I'm sure he would travel if you're in need of a photographer.

The Little Black Dress Project

Models from L-R

Zandrina Dunning, Jessica Starr-Clemons, Emily Zuri Williams, Marie,

Arnesha Parker, LeAnn Breshers

Stylist: Shirley Daley

Make Up Artist: Nivi Grimball & Candance J

Photographer - Jason Cordes (On Right)

Website: Website:


Photo Credits for Opening Picture Gallery

MakeUp Artist: Nivi Grimball

Model: Jessica Starr-Clemons

Stylist: (The Late) Renee Lipsy - RIP

Designer: She She New York

Show Producers: Calvin Brown, Delman Drayton, Quinton Collins


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