The Beginning of Runway for She She New York!

In 2006, I was serving in the United States Air Force at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. I was living in Charleston with no family or friends, just my coworkers who knew I was alone and that I was into fashion. A co-worker suggested that I volunteer for the upcoming Charleston Fashion Week just to meet like minded people who were into the same thing as I was. It was at Charleston Fashion Week, that I met with designer Shirley Daley of Brand Lauren DeVaughn, who was the Fashion Designer Coordinator & Producer of a Fashion Group named Low Country Exposure. Shirley, asked me if I was a fashion designer, I answered yes, and she then invited me to participate in an upcoming fashion show that was to be held at the North Charleston Convention Center. I agreed to meet with Shirley and the and the rest of the team of Low Country Exposure and it was then She She New York Runway was born.

My very first fashion show that I participated in was in high school but this was the first time that I had done a fashion show on a big stage at a convention center. I started sewing in my high school home economics class where the very first garment I made was a green reversible vest that I will never forget and the reason I'll never forget that vest is because on the outside of the pattern it looked to have had about 5 or 6 pieces but turned out that it had about 20 pieces. It was a little tough to follow the pattern but I made it through. After completion of the course, I taught myself to make my own patterns out of newspapers to create and sew garments that were more of my style and later on attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and the Art Institute of Charleston, SC to further educate myself about the Art of Fashion.

Mr. Darryl Goodman - CEO & Owner

Shirley Daley - Fashion Designer Coordinator & Producer

Dana Colleton-Gipson - Fashion Show Director & Media

Thettra Brown-Shugart - Photography & Makeup Coordinator

Ray Harvey - Technical Director, Music & Media.


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